Almost all E-Liquids contain four simple ingredients.  We’ll help break them down for you so that you know what to expect from your juice.


Vegetable glycerin is non-toxic, colorless, and has a slightly sweet taste but no smell.  It is an alcohol but produced from vegetable oils, which makes VG very thick and it ideal for use in high wattage mods.  It is an excellent producer of those large vape clouds that cloud-chasers are always looking for without delivering a large throat hit.  Most liquids produced today feature at least 50% VG all the way up to being 100% VG.  Vegetable glycerin is also commonly found throughout the food and medicine industries due to its ability to add sweetness to otherwise bitter or harsh tastes.  VG has never been linked to any health problems or side-effects, and it is considered harmless by the scientific community.  An excellent example of a high VG brand would be Spectrum Max, which is an 80/20 VG/PG blend.


Propylene glycol is a non-toxic alcohol and much thinner than VG, so E-Liquids containing a high PG/VG ratio are much better suited for use in older low watt mods and pen systems.  Originally, a lot of e-juice was formulated as a 70/30 PG/VG ratio, and there are still some available on the market, including our own Spectrum Vapor.  Since PG is a much thinner viscosity than VG, E-Liquids with a high PG content will produce less cloud vapor but will deliver more intense flavors and a more noticeable throat hit.  It should be noted that a small percentage of the population does have a sensitivity to PG, so if you notice that a high PG liquid is making your throat hurt, you should switch to a higher VG content.


First things first… any E-Liquid company you use should be able to guarantee you that the product does not contain diacetyl or acetoin; both of these are considered harmful to vape and are generally found in buttery-tasting flavors.  Spectrum Vapor, PodFuel, and SAO go to great lengths to get certifications from our flavor companies that their flavors are free of these.  That said, most flavors are PG or VG based and come in a wide array of tastes, which is one of the great perks of vaping.  If you ever had an addiction to chocolate cake but don’t want all the calories, you’ll understand why vaping helps with that craving!


Unless stated as zero nicotine, your E-Liquid contains this substance.  In most e-juice, nicotine is the substance that gives that substantial throat hit.  While pure nicotine can be quite toxic on its own, the small amounts found in E-Liquids pose no danger of poisoning.  If, however, you’ve been vaping a high nicotine strength and feel slightly ill or nausea, you should step down to a lower amount or vape less frequently.